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Augmented reality card gaming: The Eye of Judgement

It looks as though the olde D&D or Magic gaming is about to be augmented. This Sony Computer Science Laboratories video shows a game called “The Eye of Judgement” in which players lay out an augmented card game on a … Continue reading

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Total Immersion

Total Immersion started in France and is now active in the US, Japan, Korea, and Saudi Arabia. This demo is from early 2007. Revenues of $4M in 2006, forecasting $7M in 2007. They work with Alcatel and Lucent apparently. Hard … Continue reading

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Augmented urban architecture

In the future, people will jump up and down and punch invisible purple spheres. This video shows a variety of applications, mostly artistic. The urban scenes are fantastic. The future will also have some pretty cool sound effects. Apparently, artists … Continue reading

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The Invisible Train

Now this is what I’m talking about. Developers Daniel Wagner, Thomas Pintaric, Florian Ledermann, and Dieter Schmalstieg of Vienna University of Technology created this project in which a 3D train is displayed on an HP Ipaq. The track exists in … Continue reading

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A-Rage is an augmented reality game development platform. Based in Australia, they have been active since 2003. They have developed a few games with dinosaurs and flying saucers that ov

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Multiverse shows off scalability

Multiverse, the DIY MMOG developer toolkit, shows off it’s scalability in this new (silent) video. It shows how the world can handle 150 active avatars in one world simultaneously. For world developers this could help solve one of the main … Continue reading

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