What is it?

This term “augmented reality” has generally been limited to university experiments and often been confused with “virtual reality” or VR. The term has also been mixed with the “virtual worlds” available on the internet.

Here, the term is going to be clarified. “Augment” means to increase or add to.

So augmentation in this case is not a simulation.

Augmented reality is when the reality you inhabit is changed because of something added to it. Probably the most basic form of augmented reality comes from wearing headphones. With headphones, your experience has an added soundtrack that is not perceivable by others. You could also say that a book or other piece of art augments your reality by adding new layers of understanding, and changing your perception.

It’s about to get more complicated and more fun than this. With the advent of location aware devices, WiFi, flexible display screens, and a host of other technologies that we will talk about here, the world is becoming an augmented world.

This augmented wave will not be limited to university classrooms. It will not require heavy visors. It will be implemented in simple and surprising ways. We are lucky enough to be here at the beginning of the wave.

So let’s build, explore, and use this new landscape – the digital landscape.

It’s guaranteed to be something you’ve never seen before.

– Bob Ketner

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